the gold flint locket

the gold flint locket was a gun a vary vary old gun. so old that the town it was helled in say that it is magical. and i it is shot a golden bull came out the barrel.but that is lie. but the gun is magic.

and than i could not be you make the choice.

1.the gun can shot a golden bull.

2.the gun is just gold and not magic.

3.the gun is magic but it is unknown what it can do. shot the gun the bullet rickashays off the wall and kills you. shot the gun but no bullet came out the barrel. shot t he gun you feel funny and in power you. you like the power so you steel the  golden gun.


I am going ice fishing next weekend with some friends and want to catch something big.I got a new game called minecraft you can get it for free and I will link it later  but you can not play with other people unless you buy it. Its only 13.99 now because its still in bata. But will be 20.00 dollars when its done.

10 random facts

1.I have an uncle that is younger than me.

2.I’m only eleven years old!

3.My birthday is in June

4.My favorite color is orange.

5.I have had a tumor in my femur.

6.I like to study mythology.

7.I speak some Spanish.

8.I am part polish.

9.My step grandpa is irish.

10.My dad has bowled 7 perfect games.


2 out of 3 kids are hunted or eaten by monster. I was hunted and I ended the monster.

He looks like he was hit by a bus. Ran over by a train. His face got all rearranged.

You may think he is an uprooted tree. You know what he looks like? An orange tree? An oak tree? His root is vary big. His buck tooth too. His head is a storage unit. His body is transparent.

He inhabits parks in the city. He chows on your flesh. He saves your brain as a delicacy. He grinds your bones to make his bread. He puts your liver in his head. He eats your intestines on a bun. It’s OK to run.

He will be caught in a forest fire. And eaten by bugs. His neighbor lives in his head. Sulfuric acid will be split on him. And he will be gone. Good riddance.



My Favorite Game

World of war craft is my favorite because it reminds me or my big brother.      We played all the time on PC and we kicked butt.      Every body and every thing was scared till my dad stopped taking me every two weeks.      So now I have to do it by myself and it is not easy to play.     In rank I’m about #19472916390 I was #2.